Hobart HS6N-1 13" Manual Meat Slicer

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Dimensions: 30.3125 × 24.625 × 25.5 in 128 lb

The Hobart HS6N-1 is a 13" manual slicer that give you high-caliber performance and reinforces safety with each use. Designed with safety in mind, this machine has zero knife exposure and a no volt release system that requires the slicer to be restarted if the power fails, reducing accidents. The model embodies a 13" CleanCut knife made from a wear-resistant stellite alloy that ensures sharpness up to 3 times longer than carbon-coated or stainless steel knives. As a result of its 1/2 hp motor and substantial product carriage with a 12.5" manual travel, this machine can handle endless meat slicing. While meat slicing is its main feature, this unit is also capable of cutting cheeses or anything up to 1" thick. The slicer's carriage can handle foods up to 12" wide by 7.5" high, giving you a variety of options to use this slicer for. The slicer also comes with easy to clean components, such as a removable meat grip arm, removable ring guard cover, and a kickstand underneath to help you clean the base of the unit. The unit also comes with a built-In sharpener, sharpening the blade completely in as little as 5 seconds. This unit meets NSF standards.