Globe 3850N 13" Heavy Duty Automatic Slicer

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Dimensions: 26.7 × 23 × 25.1 in 172 lb

Globe's 3850N is a heavy duty 13" "automatic food slicer. The 2-speed slicer offers up to 40-60 strokes per minute, allowing the utmost efficiency and cuts down on labor, compared to the manual slicers. The slicer is built with a 1/2 horsepower motor for continuous use and is powerful enough for all your deli meat cutting needs. The stainless steel construction and superior corrosion resistance allows for the most acidic of products found in meats, fruits or vegetables. This comes with a 15-year warranty on the knife drive gears, a two year warranty on parts, and a one year warranty on labor. This unit meets NSF standards.