Scotsman Prodigy Plus Air Cooled Nugget Ice Maker - 600 lb.

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Dimensions: 22.9 × 24 × 23 in 180 lb

Scotsman's Prodigy Plus N0622A-1 is a nugget style, air-cooled ice maker. The machine production capacity is up to 643lbs per day at 70 degrees air and 50 degrees water (547lb AHRI certified at 90 degrees/70 degrees). The machine produces Scotsman's famous nugget ice, known as The Original Chewable Ice. This unit has a stainless steel cover, is 22.9 in. x 24 in. x 23 in., and features include AutoAlert LED control panel to communicate operating status and signal when it's time to descale, and sanitize the machine, and a front removable air filter. This machine comes with a manufacturer 3 year parts & labor warranty, 5 year compressor and condenser warranty, and 5 year parts & labor evaporator warranty.